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The Journal of Natural Sciences and Learning includes scientific writings in the form of conceptual, research results as well as relevant issues and as a medium to increase the creativity of research and thinking of lecturers, academics, and practitioners, related to the fields of learning, biology and natural sciences. Published by Departement Biology Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education,Universitas Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya.

p-ISSN: 2963-1041, e-ISSN: 2962-9837

The Journal of Natural Sciences and Learning is published twice a year in the month of September and March

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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2024): Journal of Natural Science and Learning
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Journal of Natural Sciences and Learning (JNSL) is published by the Department of Biology Education Faculty of Language and Science Universitas Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya. The Journal of Natural Sciences and Learning covers many academic disciplines, publishing articles for researchers, and educators and providing a forum for the sharing, dissemination, and discussion of research, experience, and perspectives across a wide range of natural science and learning. Criteria for publication in the Journal of Natural Sciences and Learning are novelty, quality, and general interest in experimental and theoretical basic natural sciences and biology/science education and learning.

In detail, the scopes of this journal are research in:

  1. Life Sciences and Biology;
  2. Natural Science;
  3. Environmental Science;
  4. Biomaterial and Bioinformatic;
  5. Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning;
  6. Biology Education;
  7. Learning Media;
  8. Learning/Teaching Methodologies;
  9. Educational Projects and Innovations;
  10. Science Educational Technology;
  11. Lesson Study in Biology/Natural Science Learning.